7 Reasons For Car Speakers Emitting High Pitched Sound?


When you’re cruising down the highway and blasting your favorite tunes, there’s nothing more annoying than having to cut the car karaoke short because your speakers are emitting a high-pitched noise. If you have car speakers emitting high-pitched sound and have heard this kind of sound, you can picture how ear-splitting and obnoxious it is.

Thankfully, there are some easy solutions and simple ways to get to the bottom of this bothersome noise. If you have some time, patience, and minimal understanding of cars and electronics, this article will help you fix the issue once and for all.

Improper Mounting Of Amplifiers

The amplifiers are one of the main components of the speakers in a car audio system. Because they are such an important part of the sound system, an issue with the amplifiers is sure to result in an issue that affects the overall quality of the sound that the speakers produce.

Sometimes, amplifiers are placed too close together. This can create an obnoxious high-pitched sound that ruins the experience whenever you play music in your car. Sometimes, if you have more speakers connected to an amplifier than it can handle, this can have a similar effect on the overall sound system.

Grounding Loop Interference in Speakers

When we say “grounding loop interference,” we’re talking about the issue that arises when different aspects of the sound system are connected by a long wire. When the distance between various components is too long, it can cause grounding loop interference.

Sometimes, this happens because of shoddy wiring jobs, incorrect grounding on the audio system as a whole, more than one pathway being presented for the electronic equipment to the ground, and other confusion between components due to cables interfering with each other.

Proper grounding requires a closed conductive loop for components. When too many components share the same cables, it can be harder to maintain that closed loop. Once you fix the interconnected wiring, you should resolve the issue and avoid hearing a high-pitched sound from your speakers.

Poor Grounding

Similarly to the previous issue, poor grounding is a common cause of high-pitched noises coming out of car stereo systems. Essentially, when your car stereo is experiencing poor grounding, the electrical components lack a tight connection that minimizes interference.

For proper connection, connections should have complete contact on both sides and make contact with bare metal as much as they can. This way, it will minimize interference and, in turn, lower the likelihood of hearing that horrible high-pitched whine.

Alternator Whine

As one of the most common culprits of high-pitched noises emanating from car speakers, the alternator is one of the first places you should check if your speakers are making whining noises.

There are a few ways to figure out if the high-pitched sound coming from your vehicle’s sound system is an alternator whine. The most tell-tale sign of this problem is that the sound intensifies whenever you accelerate and dies down as you slow down.

Once you’ve identified an alternator whine as the main issue with your speakers, you can fix it by addressing a grounding problem. You can also ensure that all of the connections in your sound system are as close together as possible. A loose connection can be enough to create weird noises and other unwanted problems.

Faulty Antenna

If you notice the high-pitched sound seems to appear exclusively when the radio is playing, the issue might be with the antenna. Since the antenna is responsible for receiving the radio signal, the high-pitched noise could be related to them if you don’t notice it when playing audio via an aux cord or other non-radio input.

If the issue clears up when you are out of a certain zone or change radio stations, it might not be an issue with your car. It might be a problem with the signal or the radio station itself.

However, if you’re noticing that you can’t turn on the radio without hearing an obnoxious high-pitch sound, it’s safe to say the issue might rest with your vehicle. To fix this issue, replacing the antenna might be your only option for enjoying smooth radio without interference again.

Power cable is too close to your RCAs

When the power cable is too close to your RCAs, it creates a huge level of interference between the two.

This is one of the most frequent causes of high-pitched noises coming out of a stereo in a car.

To fix this issue, simply move the RCA cables away from the power cable if you can. Also, replace a shoddy shielding cable and make sure these cables steer clear of each other for smooth sound moving forward.

Partially blown tweeter

While tweeters don’t produce any sound if they are fully blown, they do make annoying noises on their way out.

If a tweeter isn’t quite done yet but still nearing the end, it may produce a high-pitched sound that’s hard to ignore.

If you’re noticing weird distortions or other issues at different volumes or levels of sound, a partially blown tweeter might be to blame.

If you’ve checked all of the other common causes and they don’t seem to be an issue, this might be what you’re dealing with. Replacing the speakers is a common solution to this problem